New Site Soon

17 09 2010

Greetings Everyone,
I haven’t posted in awhile… I’ve been exceedingly busy and distracted these last few months. Three moves in less than a year is enough to really jumble your senses! Most importantly, after much thought, I’ve decided to finally commit myself to building effects and custom electronics full-time and treat it as a real business.

Sometime during the next few weeks, I will be updating my commercial site, After much thought, I’ve decided to do the entire site using WordPress. I’ve been very pleased with the results I’ve gotten using this WordPress blog, so I’d like to stick with something that I’ve grown very comfortable with. I also enjoy the challenge of seeing what I can do with it.

If you’ve tried to access the site in the past 24 hours, you’ve probably noticed it’s down. My host says they’re performing file maintenance, so it should be back up soon. This has affected the email accounts as well, so if you’ve had trouble getting in touch with me, please use my secondary email address: solgrind (at)

I have some exciting new things in the works like, a cool new tube overdrive, an Echorec-inspired delay, and an innovative fully-modular mixing system!



Freestompboxes Temporarily Down

4 07 2009

My favorite forum,, is currently down due to hosting and server migration issues. If you are a member, please be patient, and hopefully Johan will have everything squared away soon.

Here is the quote from his blog:

What happened, in short, is the following: we registered with a new hosting company, everything seemed to be fine and the people very helpful. Until this afternoon CET they just pulled the plug without any prior notice.

There was no explanation given and no illegal material pointed out by the provider, but as a matter of fact, the terms of service mention that in case of abuse they are allowed to take measures without any justification.

Four Banger Discontinued

27 02 2009

As of February 28, I am no longer taking orders for the Four Banger.
All outstanding orders will be completed, don’t worry if you’ve been waiting, it will get done and you will be contacted when it’s ready.
The response for this as been overwhelming and I quickly realized this is too big of a thing for me to tackle building at home in any kind of quantity quickly and be able to maintain the quality I desire, so I am discontinuing it in order to focus on building other things instead.

But don’t worry… the Four Banger will most likely return in a new (better) form this upcoming Summer! It will be back.


New SoulSonicFX Site

10 02 2009

Hi everyone. Today, I spent some money and purchased an honest-to-goodness domain name and webspace for my effects business so I don’t have to clutter up this wondrous place biz-related stuff. This blog is supposed to be about DIY, but it’s gotten turned into other things, and I’d really like to get the focus back where it belongs.
So here it is:
There really isn’t anything there yet, but I promise to have a full online catalog up soon.

Free Schematic and PCB Software!

5 02 2009

Greetings friends,

Please visit this page for some nice simple Freeware Schematic and PCB drawing software.

Many thanks to forum member Celadine for the link!



Schematic Software

24 06 2008

Hello everyone! I just wanted to drop a little note and let everyone know that I recently purchased some new schematic drawing software: sPlan 6.0 by Abacom Ingenieurgesellschaft. You can find them online at: Abacom-Online

They are a German company, but they have websites in both English and French as well as their native tongue. I first was exposed to sPlan via the drawings of “Analogguru” and “Bajaman” at I thought their schematics had a superior professional appearance, so I looked into it and was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s very affordable and the international transaction was absolutely painless with a download of the program available very shortly after sending my payment. I cannot recommend this program more highly, especially considering the selling price. In addition to high-quality drawing, it has other very useful features like Bill of Materials generation. There is a free demo available for download which was good enough to sell me on the product after a few hours playing around with it.

To see some of the results of this great program, you need only visit Analogguru’s schematic collection; all drawn with sPlan: Analogguru’s Heaven

And my first work with sPlan; the world’s first official correct schematic of the… KLON CENTAUR!!!

Luna in Eclipse

21 02 2008

There was a lunar eclipse. It was very beautiful, and I spent a long time in the dangerously cold weather taking photos of the beauty. I have edited up a set showing the full event from full moon, to eclipse, and back to full again. You may view these at my Flickr page:
Lunar Eclipse on Flickr

Luna in Eclipse Click here to see one of the images of precious Luna.

Luna in Eclipse2Beautiful Luna. Our love for you.