Original Four Banger – Schematic & Layout

18 02 2011

I haven’t posted in awhile. I’ve been unbelievably busy with all sorts of stuff. To make up for it, here is the schematic and a layout for the original version of the Four Banger.  The connections for the controls aren’t labeled on the board, but if you use the schematic as a guide, it should be easy enough to figure all the connections out.

Even though the schematic shows an AC128 for the germanium transistor in the Rangemaster section, this circuit can accommodate a wide variety of PNP germanium transistors easily with the (proper) Emitter trimmer to set the bias however you see fit.

Please don’t flood me with how-to questions. I honestly don’t have time to answer them all, and there is more than enough help available to you on the various DIY forums.



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