Four Banger UPDATE!!!

13 12 2008

Hi, I haven’t posted anything in awhile. I apologize for that. But, my excuse is that I’ve been extremely busy building and designing new things; some things to sell and some things to share. Anyway, over the past few months my Four Banger: Four Boosts in One Box has gotten some attention and it’s probably the most asked for item that I build now. This is good, but having built several now, I’ve decided to make some improvements, and that’s what this article is intended to explain.

Okay, first thing; I am not building these on perf board, I only did two  like that, and one was only at special request. I have a nice printed circuit board designed for it, and it’s been turning out very well.
Four Banger Boards

I’ve also been experimenting with different colors:
Four Banger green
And even custom painted colors:
Four Banger Custom Paint
Four Banger Custom Paint1

Along with the improved circuit boards and different pain jobs, I’ve also improved the quality of the parts to put it on par with the level of quality and reliability I prefer. The main components improved were the mini toggle switches and the controls. The mini toggles are substantially better than what I had used previously, and they have a short bat which makes them less likely to be damaged if they are accidentally stepped upon. These improvements have increased the overall cost of the components moderately and I have raised the price to reflect this. I now sell the standard Four Banger for US$120.

And now introducing a new Mini-Sized Four Banger!
Four Banger Mini

By utilizing a hybrid combination of traditional thru-hole and modern surface-mounted components, I’ve been able to shrink the Four Banger to half its size. Nothing about the circuit has been changed, only some smaller components have been used in strategic locations. The sound and performance is identical to the standard Four Banger. The only difference is that the Four Banger Mini is DC power only; there’s simply no room to fit a battery in there! As you can see here, it’s quite a tight fit:
Four Banger Mini insides

Here, you can see the “secret” underside of the Mini’s pc board which shows the SMD components:
Four Banger Mini pcb

I’m quite pleased with the results. I sell the Four Banger Mini for $130. The slightly higher price is because of the increased labor of hand-soldering the SMD components and the higher price of the Tantalum capacitors used.

If you are interested in purchasing either version of the Four Banger, you may contact me at: solgrind (at)
I do transactions via PayPal and the current wait time is about 2 weeks. I will gladly ship anywhere in the world. If you want any special color or modification, please ask!




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13 12 2008

You are a true Wizard!!

5 01 2009

great shit SS!

is that one of our soviet friends i see under the hood?

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