Schematic Software

24 06 2008

Hello everyone! I just wanted to drop a little note and let everyone know that I recently purchased some new schematic drawing software: sPlan 6.0 by Abacom Ingenieurgesellschaft. You can find them online at: Abacom-Online

They are a German company, but they have websites in both English and French as well as their native tongue. I first was exposed to sPlan via the drawings of “Analogguru” and “Bajaman” at I thought their schematics had a superior professional appearance, so I looked into it and was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s very affordable and the international transaction was absolutely painless with a download of the program available very shortly after sending my payment. I cannot recommend this program more highly, especially considering the selling price. In addition to high-quality drawing, it has other very useful features like Bill of Materials generation. There is a free demo available for download which was good enough to sell me on the product after a few hours playing around with it.

To see some of the results of this great program, you need only visit Analogguru’s schematic collection; all drawn with sPlan: Analogguru’s Heaven

And my first work with sPlan; the world’s first official correct schematic of the… KLON CENTAUR!!!



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