Freestompboxes Moving Servers

8 02 2008

Hi, I’ve noticed alot of folks have found this page while looking for the Freestompboxes forum.

The old address of is not valid at the moment, due to an ongoing process of migrating the forum to a new server. For the time being please use the address here: Freestompboxes
This address will only be good until the forum has been moved to the new server. Once this has happened the old one at PHPBB will be closed. I’ve updated my link to direct you to the php board, and after the move has been completed, I will change it back to
I’m sorry if there has been any confusion because of the inconsistent links. The forum is most certainly alive and well, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Please visit there to find the best discussions and most accurate info for these circuits anyplace on the ‘net.



The move is now complete. The forum is now back up at All links have been updated.



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12 04 2008
Cornel Moldovan


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