Total Sonic Annihilation

22 01 2008

A discussion of the Death By Audio – “Total Sonic Annihilation” recently came up in the Forum. Someone posted up a layout supposed traced from one. The device is a simple feedback looper intended to cause other stompboxes to go into a state of self-oscillation. This is a technique which has been used in the Noise community for many years and it’s nothing new to me. But, looking at the diagramme, there are several things which I would change to help make it a more useful device. I present to you here a more “correct” feedback looper which does exactly the same thing as the DBA Total Sonic Annihilation, but allows for a different type of total bypass of the oscillating device.

My Total Sonic Annihilation1

As you can see, the input of the loop is earthed during bypass, which makes sure that it stops oscillating when you bypass. Otherwise, the oscillations can infest the bypassed signal and cause trouble. Also, an additional small-value resistor has been added to the feedback loop to ensure that the output of the device in the loop doesn’t ever become totally shorted to ground, regardless of the setting of the control pot.

This design is slightly different inasmuch as it bypasses the entire effect. I think the DBA one has it so you are running through the looped effect all the time and the bypass switch just turns the feedback on and off. I can see that, but I was going for a different idea with my design. I will probably post up one like that later on today.



One response

12 05 2008

Hello, could you please post a clearer schematic of the feedback looper please?


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