Voltage Doubler avec MAX1044

21 01 2008

A novitiate practitioner queried concerning the use of a Charge-Pump voltage converter chip as a simple voltage doubler. Here is the formularie of how it is accomplished. The capacitors and diodes are not critical as long as the voltage requirements (at least 24v) are satisfied. The output will be slightly less than double the input because of voltage dropping on the diodes. To minimize this, you can use Schottkey diodes which exhibit a lower voltage drop. Mind the polarity of the capacitors – correct orientation is crucial to success. Care must also be taken that the maximum input voltage of the MAX1044 chip not be exceeded. It can only take a maximum of 10v, so it is recommended that the voltage input (at pin #8) be preceeded by a simple Zener diode voltage regulator. The Zener circuit will provide static discharge protection as well. The MAX1044 (and it’s related cousins) are CMOS devices, and because of this, caution must be used when handling them to avoid damage from electro-static discharge. Unused charge-pump chips must always be stored in a conductive container, such as aluminum foil or an anti-static bag.

Here is the diagramme:

Voltage Doubler





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