ApollyonWelcome to, The Illuminist – Sol et Luna.

This page, Sol et Luna, is intended to be of a technical nature, where I will explore the theories and practices behind the Craft and will present my personal Grimoire of DIY projects. Lately, I’ve begun the interesting, and sometimes controversial, hobby of circuit tracing, and I will therefore be sharing my schematics here so that we may all learn from the examples of others. I intend for it to eventually become a full DIY resource with informative articles and complete projects. I will do my best to update the pages often and put in as much useful content as I can find.

Though I do my best to assure the factuality of information presented within, I must assert that the information here is only my personal opinion based on my first-hand experiences. Whenever possible, I have my opinions seconded by other professionals within the field.

Please visit often, and all comments are greatly appreciated.

Anyone interested in the effects I build; please visit my commercial page: Soul Sonic FX



3 responses

23 01 2008


I’ll be sure to keep checking back here. I’m a huge fan of that rick-o-sound “ricky switch” you built me.

I’m new into pedals. I never really needed more than an overdrive pedal and /or my amp distortion….until now…I’m finding myself hearing certain effects in my head.

I really need a delay pedal and another fuzz (so i can re-octave my octave fuzz). Let me know if you can help. Always willing to do business with you.


Take it easy…

Chris Rager

24 01 2008

Need square wave/distortion pedal for bass or guitar. Please create!

28 04 2008
Cornel Moldovan

hip hip hooray .. tim pedal schematic

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